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If you still need a QSL from one of our EME Dxpedtion 6V7A, J79DI or 5R8EM please drop me an email


5R8EM is to date the most accomplished EME Dxpedition for our group. The 18dBd antenna array and 500w made the job (see 5R8EM blog here).

It was a very extensive Expe with 11hours+ moon pass carried with only two operators (Jacques F1BCS & I).


Then main issues of concern for EME were the very unstable electric lines and a S9+ noise which kept us out of operation for hours.


Hopefully, I had enough spare time to discover and being catched by the beauty an magic of this island and its inhabitants. The Wales and the Lemurs were two of the many memories I kept back home.






Also, thank you very much for the few words and more which we received with your QSLs