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If you still need a QSL from one of our EME Dxpedtion 6V7A, J79DI or 5R8EM please drop me an email


6V7A was the first attempt to make moonbounce operation as a Dxpedition.

This crazy idea pops up during the T05S Expedition (Les Saintes Island) when, after a couple of local ti-punch, the full moon been very visible in the sky, I said : Next time we will try EME !.

This was in November 2004 and ... 6V7A was on the air in May 2005.

The antenna (two times BQH8b Xpol were designed with the strong help and advices from Lionel VE7BQH and built with Alain F6BIA) was the more time consuming  challenge to be ready.

Our experience in JT65 was nearly poor for this 1st one.

For more details see the 6V7A blogspot.