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If you still need a QSL from one of our EME Dxpedtion 6V7A, J79DI or 5R8EM please drop me an email


In the 1991-1995 era,  Guy F5JTA and I took the decision to enter in the EME race.

We built different antenna arrays in my grandfather backyard at Dordives, starting with 6x17elts F9FT. This antenna was not meeting our expectations and we decided to build DL6WU antennas which were the state of the art and are still very performing designs. You can see below some of the arrays and some mechanical elements.

During an ARRL EME contest, the score was allways around 110 QSOs for the two week-ends, our biggest french challenger was Pat F6IRF. I do remember an impressive SSB QSO with K5GW with his 48 antenna array. At Moonset, it was very common to hear Gary KB8RQ with the even strongest signals we ever had, the ground gain was huge.

4xDL6WU 4WL , 7/8 feeder and a 8877