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If you still need a QSL from one of our EME Dxpedtion 6V7A, J79DI or 5R8EM please drop me an email


Not much to report on my ‘radio-activity’ and plans for dx-peditions yet.

The new house is grabbing almost all our spare time and we are ‘aiming’ to Christmas !.




The 4bay 144 EME antenna (I0JXX8) which was used for 5R8EM is packed in safe place with the H-frame, and the previous 4xBQH8b_cross used for 6V7A & J79DI are for sell.


The 144Mhz SSPA will be soon on the bench, as I am willing to add some monitoring with a PIC.


If affordable in the new QRA, I would love to put a small dish for some 23cm EME.


Keep posted, I’ll put some contents on this website, related to hamradio and also to some PIC dev in the domotic area.


For sure, after unpacking my equipments , I will have a couple of interesting items to sell, soon to be online !.