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If you still need a QSL from one of our EME Dxpedtion 6V7A, J79DI or 5R8EM please drop me an email

Well, it’s time now to think about it for 2011 or 2012.


Few ideas are already under investigation , the location should be rare, with fun and lovely.


Due to the last experience regarding licence grant, it could be a real show-stopper, so starting the process early is a must.


A dream will be to activate more than the regular 144 EME one, and 23cm is a fairly good candidate.


Another personal one is to run a one man expe, but I guess it should remain a dream ...


Stay tuned, something has to occur in the following years !

Sponsors are welcome, mainly to cover extra costs for the extra weight


For 5R8EM there was 130kg extra!, fortunately only on the domestic flights.